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These Plates are Adapter Plates and 2nd Ski Kits for both Telemark and Dynafit Backcountry Bindings.  At Dobish Solutions, we are passionate about backcountry skiing and want to get as many people out as we can.  We have developed a plate that can work with 2 sets of bindings, or as a 2nd ski kit, to eliminate multiple setups!

Style: O1/Dynafit w/4 Hole Tele Mounting Pattern
Cost: $85 + Shipping
Length of front plate: 8.25 inches 
Length of rear plate: 6 inches 
Weight: 384g/set 
Mounting pattern: 4 hole tele/ 4 extra holes in heel. 
Aluminum Plate: 7mm plate with M5 threads: anodized
Included Screws: (8)M5 x 10mm for Dynafit Heel -(10)M5 x 16mm Socket head for dynafit toe -(12) M5 x 10mm Flathead/allen for tele
Designed and Manufactured in the USA!

Style: AXL/Dynafit w/6 hole tele mounting pattern
Cost: $85 + Shipping
Length Of Front Plate: 7 inches
Length Of Rear Plate: 6 inches
Weight: 375g/set
Mounting Pattern: 6 hole Axl/Hammerhead Mounting Pattern
Aluminum Plate: 7 mm plate w/M5 threads: Anodized
Included Screws: (8) M5 x 10mm for Dynafit Heel  - (10)M5 x 16mm Socket head for Dynafit toe - (16) M5x 10mm Flathead/Allen for axl
Designed and manufactured in the USA!

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